Sony A7R V Mirrorless Camera Body Open Box

Sony A7R V Mirrorless Camera Body Open Box


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The next generation high-resolution full-frame mirrorless Alpha camera arrives for enthusiast and professional photographers, in the form of the Sony a7R V Camera Body. This update marks a significant turning point for the entire Sony alpha camera range, by introducing new deep learning AI subject recognition, which delivers improved recognition and real-time tracking of humansanimalsbirdsvehicles and insects.

Despite capturing 61 megapixel images from the full-frame back-illuminated sensor, you can now shoot RAW at up to 10fps and record 8K 24p video with full pixel readout and no binning. The sensor also offers wider AF coverage, with 693 Phase-detection AF points and harnesses deep learning AI to acquire and track a broader range of subjects including airplanes, cars, trains and an ever-increasing number of animals.

Sony hasn’t stopped there, ensuring the durable aluminium body is adopted by advanced users across genres like studio, portraiture, wildlife, landscapes, weddings and other subjects where the ultimate image quality is highly desirable.

To meet these demands, the ILCE-7RM5 body includes a class-leading 9M dot EVF and new 4-axis/4-way multi-angle LCD touchscreen for difficult angles and clear shooting. Skin tones have been improved in the a7R V, together with better Auto White Balance, improved low light performance and incredible in-body stabilisation delivering up to 8-stop compensation from the upgraded 5-axis IBIS unit. The Imaging Edge desktop app has also been updated to compensate for movement when shooting pixel shift multi shot, helping creators achieve perfect billboard sized images even when minor movements take place in the scene.


  • 61 megapixel full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R image sensor +BIONZ XR
  • New AI powered deep learning real-time autofocus system
  • True hybrid capabilities with 8K 24p video, 10-bit 4:2:2 with full pixel readout and no binning
  • 4K 60fps / 6.2K oversampling
  • 5-Axis in-body stabilisation for up to 8-stops plus new Active mode video IS
  • S-Cinetone and S-LOG picture profiles
  • Upgraded 693 Phase-detection AF points covering 79% of the sensor
  • Human recognition of poses, faces, nose, eye, ear and more
  • Advanced animal, bird, vehicle, insect subject recognition
  • Improved low light performance
  • Improved Auto white balance and more natural skin tones
  • Upgraded 240MP pixel shift multi shot with automatic movement detection through Imaging Edge App
  • Up to 10fps with AF/AE for 88 uncompressed RAW and 184 compressed RAW
  • New 4-axis multi-angle LCD touchscreen
  • Class-leading 9M dot quad-XGA EVF
  • Dual CFexpress memory card slots
  • New heat dissipation for 8K recording
  • New lossless RAW compression and multi-resolution JPEG or RAW oversampling



AI processing is at the heart of the Sony a7R V, which defines the capabilities of this generation high resolution body. This system enables you to achieve fast, accurate and consistent Real-time autofocus tracking of subjects through unique AI-driven technology. With this professional camera, you can capture sharp pictures and video, even in difficult shooting conditions.


Sony’s proficient phase-detection system benefits from wide area high density AF, which is now faster and more precise. 79% of the sensor is covered using 693 AF points when a full-frame lens is attached, up from 567 points and 74% coverage in the a7R IV. The 693 AF points are available regardless of whether shooting in full-sensor or crop mode, which is ideal for distant subjects including action and wildlife.


Every aspect of the a7R V’s ability to recognise subjects has been improved, along with the addition of new subjects and dedicated human AI processing. This estimates human poses, intelligently recognises the nose, left and right eyes, ears, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. This signifiant upgrade will influence all future camera releases with a system that harnesses deep learning and ever-improving AF and real-time tracking capabilities for stills and video.

The system works regardless of whether the subject is extremely small in the frame, recognises the head, body and eye of animals and birds. You can also accurately track cars, planes and trains, as well as increasing the number of animals and insects, which are recognised. The table below highlights in bold the new AI based subject recognition features.

New Insect Car / Train Airplane
Animal / Bird Eye Head Body
Human Face Eye Human poses


Where the previous generation body marked a new era in high resolution full-frame capabilities, this generation mark V camera takes imaging to the next level through:

  • Improved low light capabilities – Sony’s best low sensitivity in alpha history
  • Improved AE algorithm and colour reproduction – more accurate lifelike skin tones and more preferable colour reproduction of nature for landscapes
  • Improved Auto White Balance – AWB performance has evolved due to AI processing to provide more accurate colours, particularly in shaded scenes
  • Improved Pixel Sift Multi mode – Sony’s new Imaging Edge Desktop app will now detect and correct minor pixel movements which naturally occur, correcting people or leaves moving during multi shot compositing in huge 240 megapixel images. This benefits the a7R V as well as the flagship Sony alpha 1.
  • APS-C crop mode provides extra reach for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, with maximum 26MP quality.


With 61 megapixels available the a7R V is able to shoot continuously as up to 10fps with AF/AE tracking for a greater number of shots. You can now capture approximately 88 uncompressed RAW + JPEG, approximately 184 compressed RAW + JPEG as well as 1000+ JPEG-only. This provides ample opportunity to use the a7R V for fast paced action if required, with the ability to crop more heavily for sports, wildlife and bird photography.


In full-frame mode you can capture beautiful 8K video at 24fps with full pixel readout without pixel binning. For slow motion effects the a7R V also records 4K at 60fps in-camera, thanks to a new heat dissipation structure, which enables you to record high resolution 8K at 24fps.

When using Super 35mm mode you can capture 4K 30fps with full pixel readout without binning and 6.2K oversampling.

In addition to 8K and 4K recording, you can enjoy a professional video experience with 10-bit 4:2:2 recording, S-Cinetone and S-LOG picture profiles. Unique to the Sony eco-system, it also includes features like active stabilisation and breathing compensation, for a professional experience when using Sony lenses.


Sony has included a new 4-axis/4-way multi-angle LCD monitor with the a7R V, which provides side-opening and fully tilting operation. The 3.2-inch type screen offers approximately 2095-dot resolution for clearer previews.

A class leading Quad-XGA electronic viewfinder adds to the experience with a 0.64-type 9440K dot screen, which provides 0.90x magnification and 41º FOV. This can be used in standard 60fps or 120fps high frame rates depending on the shooting situation.

The Alpha 7RV aims to provide a smooth platform for photographers and video content creators who want to focus on their craft, with the durable aluminium body and shutter taken from the a1.


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