Hasselblad Digital Back H6D-100c

Hasselblad Digital Back H6D-100c


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The Hasselblad H6D-100c digital back is the ideal solution for photographers who wish to obtain cutting-edge image quality – even in less than ideal shooting conditions. The wide ISO range with very low high ISO noise ensures high quality images even in poor lighting conditions.


The H6D-100c digital back has been tailored to photographers’ requirements and its user-friendly interface works seamlessly with a wide range of technical and large format camera systems. Triggering by mechanical and electronic shutter units is also supported.

Providing photographers with a flexible solution that delivers enhanced and improved image quality, the H6D-100c digital back has been designed to meet photographers’ ever-changing needs. The Hasselblad 100c digital back is built to function with technical and view cameras, offering an outstanding level of resolution, flexibility, and colour quality.

It offers a solution that is as flexible as you are, keeping up with your needs, your clients’ demands, and future developments.


A major difference between H6D and the earlier generation H Cameras is that most settings have been moved from the camera grip to the UI on the sensor unit for ease of use. This means that the H5D and older camera bodies have different button functionality compared to the H6D. It was unfortunately not possible to keep full backwards compatibility. Even though you can capture images with some models, we cannot guarantee that the combination is stable. We therefore do not recommend using the H6D-100c digital back with any other camera body than the H6D.


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