Canon XA65 4K Pro Camcorder

Canon XA65 4K Pro Camcorder


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Тhе Canon XA65 4K Pro Camcorder dеѕіgnеd fоr рrоfеѕѕіоnаlѕ. Тhе 1/2.3-іnсh СМОЅ ѕеnѕоr сарturеѕ gоrgеоuѕ 4К fооtаgе whісh саn bе Оvеr Ѕаmрlеd іntо НD fоrmаtѕ. Тhе 20х орtісаl zооm lеnѕ hаѕ 5-ахіѕ іmаgе ѕtаbіlіѕаtіоn ѕо fооtаgе іѕ аlwауѕ сlеаr аnd ѕtеаdу. Wіth а 3.5-іnсh tоuсhѕсrееn dіѕрlау, 4-сhаnnеl аudіо ѕуѕtеm аnd оthеr quаlіtу-оf-lіfе fеаturеѕ, thіѕ іѕ а роwеrfullу vеrѕаtіlе саmсоrdеr.

Canon XA65 UHD 4K Camcorder Key Features:

  • Professional compact 4K UHD camcorder
  • 4K Canon 20x optical zoom lens
  • Oversampled HD Processing
  • Face Detection AF and Face Tracking
  • XF-AVC and MP4 recording
  • Professional connectivity with 3G-SDI
  • Simultaneous backup and relay recording with dual SD cards
  • Stream HD footage via UVC
  • Add a date and time stamp with OSD recording
  • Detachable handle with two XLR terminals
  • 4-channel pro audio
  • IR mode

Shoot, record, stream

Shoot high-quality 4K UHD video and Full HD images thanks to a 4K 1/2.3″ type CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV6 image processor. HD live streaming in UVC via USB-C over a computer gives you the ability to record and share footage later in either XF-AVC 4K UHD 160Mbps at 25P, plus Full HD 45Mbps at 50P/50i/25P, or for smaller files, record MP4 4K 150Mbps at 25P and Full HD 35Mbps or 17Mbps at 50P/25P.

4K 20x optical zoom lens

The Canon lens has a 29.3mm 4K optical zoom (35mm equivalent) that is expandable to 612mm with Dynamic IS, as well as a digital zoom that boosts to 800x with 5-axis image stabilisation.

Fast AF

Adjustable focusing speeds and Hybrid AF III give quick and precise focusing. The AF point on the 3.5-inch LCD display makes its use simple and easy, while Face Detection AF and Face Tracking are available when Manual Focus is set via the focus/zoom ring.

Professional inputs and outputs

The XA65 camcorder’s output options include 3G-SDI, which is what makes it unique compared to the XA60, simultaneous backup and relay recording via dual SD card, and Infrared mode. For specialist capture, you can record Slow Motion in Full HD 0.5x or Fast Motion in 4K/Full HD up to 1200x allowing you increased creative freedom. Colour match with other Canon cameras is made possible through the custom picture menu.

Livestream and more

Stream HD footage via UVC1 over a computer or add a date and time stamp with OSD recording. Two XLR terminals and a 4-channel linear PCM on a detachable handle bring pro audio options.


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