Canon XA60 UHD 4K Camcorder

Canon XA60 UHD 4K Camcorder


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Capture amazing 4K video footage on the new Canon XA60 UHD 4K Camcorder, featuring a 4K 1/2.3” type CMOS sensor, DIGIC DV6 image processor and a 20x optical zoom lens. Record those significant moments in stunning HD or 4K format with incredible image quality.

This camcorder’s compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre and control. The Canon XA60 4K Pro Camcorder is a fantastic handheld camcorder for experienced enthusiasts, thanks to the flexible recording features.

Canon XA60 UHD 4K Camcorder Key Features:

  • 4K 1/ 2.3-inch Type CMOS Sensor
  • DIGIC DV6 Image Processor
  • Advanced Auto Focus
  • 20x Optical Zoom
  • 5-axis Image Stabilisation
  • HDMI Out
  • UVC Streaming
  • 29.3mm Wide Angle (35mm equivalent)
  • 3.5-inch LCD Screen

1/ 2.3” type CMOS sensor

The Canon XA60 Pro has been designed with a 1/2.3” type CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV6 image processor. This image processor helps improve the sensor’s low light performance, allowing for an increased ISO of up to 6400 while maintaining minimal noise and visual artefacts.

Advanced Image Stabilisation

Record consistently level footage, with help from the in-built 5 -axis image stabilisation system, to improve the overall stabilisation during handheld use. The Dynamic IS allows you to enjoy steady footage even when extending the 29.3mm lens (35mm equivalent)  to 612mm by cropping into the frame.

Extensive Optical Zoom

The Canon XA60 4K Pro has been designed with an extensive 20x optical zoom along with an 800x digital zoom, allowing you to capture highly detailed footage from a vast focal distance. Attaching the XA60 4K Pro to a tripod or gimbal would allow for perfectly steady shots at an incredibly impressive focal distance.

Advanced Auto-Focus

Designed with a hybrid AF system, allowing you to make adjustments to the focusing speeds and points of focus. This provides you with an incredibly fast and precise focus. Featuring face detection AF and face tracking AF. This is a brilliant feature when recording people on stage or during performances, as it guarantees the focus is always on the person or people on stage.

Set the AF with easy-to-use and simple controls, simply set the AF point via the 3.5” LCD touch screen. Alternatively for those moments when you want more control over the focus, set the MF via the focus/zoom ring.

Flexible Recording

The XA60 4K Pro has multiple recording formats to choose from, enabling you to record in either XF-AVC or MP4 file formats. Record large detailed files by using  XF-AVC 4K UHD 160Mbps at 25P or Full HD 45Mbps at 50p, 50i and 25p. Alternatively, if you want to maintain smaller files for faster upload speed, you can record MP4 4K 150Mbps at 25p and Full HD 35Mbps or 17Mbps at 50p or 25p. This flexibility can be useful for conserving space on your memory card.

Dual Recording

Designed with two SD card slots, allowing you to simultaneously backup your recording onto both cards to help maintain important footage until you can process the files on a computer. It can also be used for a relay recording system to increase the recording capacity of your Canon XA60 4K Pro.

Specialist capture

The XA60 Pro offers a number of specialist capture features. Including slow motion recording in Full HD at 0.5x speed and fast motion recording in 4k and Full HD at up to 1200x speed.

Colour match with Canon

Recording with multiple cameras can sometimes lead to slight discrepancies in colour grading during final processing. The Canon XA60 4K Pro allows you to colour match with other Canon cameras, providing you with consistency in the colour grading. This can be done via the custom picture menu.


The XA60 4K Camcorder features Infrared (IR) Mode that let you shoot high-quality video in situations with little to no ambient light. Filming footage in places with very minimal amounts of light can sometimes be a detriment to standard-handheld camcorders, as you begin to lose more and more detail and contrast.

Touch screen

Canon’s XA60 has a 3.5-inch touch screen LCD display that can be used to control the individual settings of the camcorder.

Live Stream

Live stream HD footage via a UVC over a computer connection. This makes this camera fantastic during live performances.

Date and Time Stamp

Use OSD recording to add date and time stamp to your footage, this can be useful during editing. It lets you match up the time stamps of any footage and audio you have recorded, allowing you to have a final video that is perfectly synced to the audio.

4-Channel Audio

Capture expert quality audio when recording your footage thanks to four possible audio channels. Including Linear PCM, built-in mic and 2 x XLR terminals on a detachable handle.


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