Sony FX30 Cinema Line Camera

Sony FX30 Cinema Line Camera


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The Sony FX30 Cinema Line Camera has a 4K Super 35mm APS-C Sensor with 6K oversampling and 26 Megapixels, to give high-resolution cinema-quality visuals. The camera also features vibrant colour grading via S-Cinetone, a high dynamic range with S-Log3, Dual Base ISO, Cine EI mode, and more quality-of-life improvements. At 646g with the battery and memory card (562g without), it is the lightest of the Cinema Line range.

Features of the Sony FX30 Cinema Line Camera

  • 4K Super 35mm APS-C back-illuminated sensor
  • 6K oversampling
  • 26MP
  • High-resolution 3-inch LCD touchscreen
  • Dual Base ISO in S-Log3
  • 4K 120P in 10Bit 4:2:2
  • Realtime IAF for humans, animals and birds
  • 5-axis stabilisation for handheld shooting
  • 16 Bit RAW output via HDMI Type-A
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight 562g
  • Dimensions: 77.8mmx129.7mmx84.5mm

Flexible and adaptable design

The FX30 has 5 thread holes for accessories allowing you to fully customise your setup. This eliminates the need for a cage for optimum user flexibility, stability, and comfort.

The main UI is designed with the cinema line operation in mind, so you can see the most relevant information and make changes quickly and easily. The provision of a front dial lets you adjust shutter speed, aperture value and ISO/EI swiftly when shooting. The FX30’s high-resolution touchscreen LCD screen also helps you focus on the composition and framing of your shots, and is particularly noticeable when using a gimbal.

Smoother workflow

Designed for content creators, the S-Cinetone technology brings vibrant colours to life, delivering natural mid-tones, plus soft colours and gorgeous highlights so you can create professional-looking images. Recording with the S-Log3 gamma curve creates a smooth cinematic colour grading and minimises post-production with the imported custom assignment LUTs.

Dual base ISO (800/2500) as well as, Cine EI (Exposure Index) give you increased exposure options, to capture cleaner shadows and more highlights.

Incredibly fast AF

The autofocus features wide-area tracking across the whole frame, even when shooting with a narrow depth of field or tracking fast-moving subjects. The real-time IAF allows you to smoothly track humans, animals, and birds with greater ease by following the face and eyes of the subject. AF Assist, Focus Map, and Breathing Compensation functions are also supported.

Integrated stabilisation

5-axis stabilisation keeps the setup mobile to support challenging shooting situations when not using a gimbal, making it ideal for handheld cinematography.

Long battery life

The camera has a long battery life and multiple connection ports to keep the FX30 flexible for any shoot.

Creator flexibility

The FX30 shares exactly the same body as the FX3, meaning all cages and accessories designed for the full-frame model will also fit the Super35/APS-C camera. A selection of E-mount lenses, mics, and other tools grant creators flexibility for a broad range of creative intentions.

Two XLR audio inputs enable high-quality audio recording. Other connectors include USB Type-C, Multi/micro-USB, microphone, headphones, and a Multi Interface Shoe with built-in digital audio interface.

The FX30 had dual memory card slots that each support CFexpress Type A and SD memory cards.


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