Sur-Ron Storm Bee Dirt eBike


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Ferociously fast off-road riding with the Sur-Ron Storm Bee F and Storm Bee R Dirt eBike

Enjoy speedy acceleration, incredible range, and unprecedented power with the quality features that the Storm Bee carries. From its top-notch power system to its reliable braking system, riding on the Storm Bee is sure to be phenomenal!

Get ready for wilder adventures with the all-new Sur Ron Storm Bee. Its 22.5kW brushless DC motor will have you rip-roaring your way around dirt roads and through forests in no time. It even pairs up nicely with an FOC sine wave controller for less noise, higher efficiency, and smoother and all-around better precision.

Not to mention that this powerful system is also responsible for the Storm Bee’s impressive top speed of 110 kph and extreme acceleration (reach 80kmh in a short 3.9 seconds!).

The Storm Bee also features an impressive 90V 48Ah Sony VTC battery that’s high-performing, allowing you to go adventuring to distances of up to 105 km (as long as you maintain an average of 50 kph, which is still zippy). And the best part is, you only need to charge the bike in 3 short hours! That long a range and you could go at it again after a short recharge break? Swell!

This all-aluminum electric dirt bike also has 3 convenient power modes that you can choose from to really customise your ride. If you’re feeling up for a relaxing ride, Eco and Standard modes are great choices. But when you’re game to go zooming and doing neat tricks, amp it up to Sport+Turbo mode! With the thrills you can experience, you won’t regret it.

Incredibly fast and long-range, and you won’t still need to worry about comfort. The Storm Bee has a fantastic dual suspension system that features a front FASTace 47mm inverted fork and a rear FASTace Air absorber for smooth-sailing rides, no mater how fast you go or bumpy the road gets.

This electric dirt bike also has high-quality tyres that makes all the rough off-road riding possible. Its front tyre features a 80/100-21 and its rear is a 100/90-18. All this rough riding and you’ll still be safe because the Storm Bee has a great, reliable dual braking system. No need to worry when you have a front dual-piston 270mm rotor brake and a rear dual-piston 240mm rotor brake to give you the maximum stopping power you need.

Indeed, off-road riding will be a piece of cake when you’re on the Sur Ron Storm Bee!


  • 3 power modes to choose from including Sport+Turbo
  • zippy acceleration at 0-80 kph in 3.9 seconds
  • incredible 110 kmh top speed
  • long-distance maximum range at 105 km
  • capable of climbing inclines of up 45 degrees
  • Brushless DC motor + FOC sine wave controller power system
  • dual suspension system
  • dual braking system
  • APP Link GPS
  • short 3-hour charging time
  • air-cooling system
Sur Ron Storm Bee F Sur Ron Storm Bee R
DIMENSIONS 212 cm by 80.5 cm by 143 cm 207.5 cm by 80.5 cm by 124 cm
WEIGHT 118 kg 104/136kg (Dry/Curb)
ACCELERATION 0-50 kph in 1.9 seconds

0-80 kph in 3.9 seconds

POWER MODES Eco, Rain, Sport+Turbo Eco, Rain, Sport+Turbo
MAX. SPEED 110 kph 110 kph
MAX. RANGE 105 km at 50 kph 100 at 50 kph
BATTERY POWER 90V 48Ah Sony VTC 90V 48Ah lithium-ion removable battery
CHARGE TIME 3 hrs 4 hrs
CLIMBING ANGLE Up to 45 Degrees Up to 45 Degrees
WATER RESISTANCE Motor: IP55, Controller: IP67 Motor: IP55, Controller: IP67
MINIMUM CLEARANCE 31.5 cm 31.5 cm
SEAT HEIGHT 94 cm 94 cm
MOTOR Brushless DC Mid-drive BLDC motor + FOC sine wave controller
MAX. TORQUE 520 Nm 520 Nm
VEHICLE MATERIAL all aluminium alloy forged frame aluminium forged frame
TYRE TYPE Front: 80/100-21

Rear: 100/90-18

Front: 110/80-19 All terrain

Rear: 140/70-17 All terrain

RIM TYPE Front: 21×1.60

Rear: 18×2.15

BRAKES Front Dual-Piston 270 mm rotor + Rear Dual-Piston 240 mm rotor 290mm Front Fork + 115/290mm Rear Shock
FRONT SHOCK ABSORBER FASTace 47 mm inverted fork


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