Goldshell X5 850MH/S Litecoin & Dogecoin Miner with PSU and Cord


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Goldshell X5 Litecoin Miner is using the Scrypt algorithm and has a maximum hash rate of 850 MH/s. The total power consumption that comes with this miner is 1450W. Litecoin is the top coin to mine with this unit and comes highly recommended by experts. It was released in February 2019. It’s the first model in history from the Goldshell mining equipment company. The miner has three working modes thanks to the Scrypt algorithm found on it. Read this thorough GOLDSHELL X5 Litecoin Miner Review for more.


Voltage 220V
Hashrate 850MH/S(Power mode) / 720MH/S(Balanced Mode) / 600 MH/S (Efficient Mode)
Power Rate 1450W(Power mode)/ 900W(Balanced Mode) / 660W (Efficient Mode)


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